“Women Energize Women” conference
ICM – International Congress Center
Munich, Germany
15 June 2023

Fernanda Paz Varela Laso

Executive Director at Pollux Communications & Creator and Host of the Girl Power Program

Fernanda Varela Laso is a journalist with over 15 years of experience, a Master’s degree in Strategic Communication, and a Diploma in Climate Change and Low Carbon Development. She has spent the last 10 years working in the energy sector, developing strategies for the integration of renewable energies and H2V in Chile, and promoting low-carbon development to support the challenge of mitigating the climate crisis. Currently, she is the executive director of the communications agency Pólux, the first in Chile specializing in clean energy, sustainability, and gender equity. Additionally, she is the founder and host of the radio show „Girl Power,“ which seeks to highlight female leadership in male-dominated industries.

In 2015, she was awarded as the best energy journalist by Chile’s Electricidad Magazine. In 2017, she was invited by the General Directorate of International Economic Relations of the country as a prominent woman in energy to present the sector’s latest developments in Texas (Houston and Dallas). In 2020, she received the „Woman + Energy“ award, recognition given by the Ministry of Energy to women who have stood out from their different roles in the energy sector. In 2023, she was a finalist for the RENMAD awards in the Renewable Hydrogen Woman of the Year category and received recognition for her career in the energy industry from the Energy SEREMI of the Metropolitan Region of Chile.