“Women Energize Women” conference
ICM – International Congress Center
Munich, Germany
15 June 2023

Cynthia Gaßmann

Women Empowerment Coach

Cynthia is on a mission to help ambitious women in business to become their most empowered and confident versions of themselves.

She was born and raised in Munich, together with her 8 siblings. So, on the weekends you can find her hiking, boating on the Isar or doing yoga. After Cynthia finished her Bachelor in Political Science she moved to Stockholm to do her Masters in Critical Management Studies there.
For all of us, Corona had some unexpected turn in store: For her, it was moving back to Germany to start working in a start-up.

She started her journey as a women empowerment coach when her boss told her that “She was too much” in client calls. This has impacted her life as she know for women it can feel like a constant uphill battle (trusting in themselves, tackling imposter syndrome, playing small, and feeling “not good enough”) and made her feel that she is alone on this journey.

So, Cynthia decided to make a change. By the age of 25, she quit her job, left her security net behind, and decided to go all in so that no woman ever has to feel like “she’s not good enough anymore”.