“Women Energize Women” conference
ICM – International Congress Center
Munich, Germany
15 June 2023

Razan Samer Saif-Eddin Abdelhadi

News reporter at AlBawaba News

Having mainly worked in various Jordan based media outlets since 2019, Razan Samer Abdelhadi had gained a pretty good experience in journalism despite her young age (26 years old). She has been appointed as acting chief staff reporter at her previous job (Jordan News, which is a Jordan based media outlet that provided English content).

Abdelhadi uses her journalistic skills to shed light on the importance of women, in particular. Living all her life in the Middle East made her realize that some people still lack knowledge of the important role of women within society.

She had worked for Arabic and English media outlets, which opened the doors for her to meet with people from all over the world and managed to discuss several matters and issues, most prominent of which are related to poverty, women’s rights, energy, politics, etc, in her writings.

She had the opportunity to cover important events in her country, including the launch of the Economic Modernisation Version which was attended by the King of Jordan, King Abdullah II.

Abdelhadi, who currently works for ALBAWABA regional media outlet, believes that cooperating and networking with her colleagues in different fields shall enhance her knowledge in national and international matters.

In addition to her work in journalism, she uses her social media platform to discuss important socio-related sensitive matters and is considered to be a content creator/ social media activist.